As an Architect and Urban Planner my pallet has a wide spectrum. Furniture Design, Interior Design and Interior Architecture, Architecture and Urban Planning.


Furniture and object design. I have had the opportunity to be involved in the design of furnishings for my personal use, as well as for clients. Typically I am commissioned to design reception desks; however, on occasion an opportunity arises to design a check writing desk for a bank branch or a Maitre Di Station for a restaurant.


Residential Architecture is typically most interesting and particularly entertaining when the client is intrigued by exploring a variety of visual experiences. My range of work includes projects in many of the residential styles such as The Cottage, The Bungalow, the Neo Victorian, the Neo Cape Cod, Neo Classical (in the post modern sense), The Shingle Style, the Modern and the Eclectic style. Each of these styles may be influenced by history, setting, finance and/or the owner’s sense of aesthetic, and in turn the final product will then be rendered by a variety of textures and colors… or not. Some projects are prioritized by existing conditions and materials that may need a response in order to meet the desired goal.

Interior Architecture or Interior Design services ranging from simple tenant interior renovations for existing tenants to major renovations of entire floors for new tenants. Some clients require elegant interiors and others may not. Some of my clients include major corporations such as The MITRE Corporation, Man Tech International Corporation, Qualcom and SAIC. On occasion some clients require technical design solutions to meet Department of Defense secure facilities. These solutions may require radio frequency or sound shielded occupancies as well as secure access and means of egress. Typically secure environments require significant analysis of the building code as it applies to these spaces. Tenant work also includes retail occupancies as well as commercial interiors.


Historic and non-historic renovation or revitalization of existing buildings. I have experience dealing with Old Towne Alexandria, Town of Vienna, Fairfax City and Towne of Herndon architectural and historic design review boards.


Building Architecture include works for end users such as Hair Salons and Day Spas, Animal Hospitals, Doctors Offices, Car Wash Facilities, Office Buildings, Flight Simulator Facilities, Warehouse Buildings, Restaurant Facilities, MRI Facilities and Shopping Centers.


I perform rezoning and land planning services in Fairfax and Prince William Counties for residential and commercial projects.

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